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Continued strike at Glencore’s Koornfontein mine

2014.12.05800 workers at the Koornfontein mine in Mpumalanga, South Africa, have been on strike since 17 October, protesting against substandard severance payments.

Colombia: IndustriALL backs Sintracarbon’s fight for a fair deal

2016.03.03A sector in crisis should promote dialogue and cooperation instead of using the crisis as a pretext to get rid of acquired rights. This is IndustriALL Global Union’s message to Cerrejon, on the eve of a strike vote provoked by the company’s refusal to negotiate a collective agreement.

Sintracarbón celebrates bargaining victory at Cerrejón mine

2016.03.21After 62 days of difficult negotiations, the Colombian coal workers’ union Sintracarbón has reached an agreement at Cerrejón that recognizes the contribution made day in and day out by the 13,000 workers employed at the mine.

Sanction of the Xstrata Glencore merger challenged

2012.11.15The proposed merger between giants Glencore and Xstrata goes to a shareholder vote on 20 November, as processes continue assessing the monopolistic concerns the merger brings.

Congo mining unions unite at Glencore

2018.11.15Building a membership base through recruiting and organizing is a key strategy for strengthening union power at Glencore in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Labour conflicts deepen at Glencore Xstrata subsidiary

2014.03.25Workers at a Glencore copper mining company in Southern Peru have walked off the job in protest at labour rights’ abuses.

IndustriALL targets Glencore for anti-union behaviour

2014.11.20In a significant moment for IndustriALL’s mining sector, a Glencore global network has been launched in Sao Paulo this week. The new global network committed to a mobilization programme.

Canadian Steelworkers enter ninth month of strike at Glencore refinery

2017.10.19371 members of the United Steelworkers – Syndicat des Métallos are entering their ninth month of strike action at the Glencore-managed CEZinc refinery in Quebec, Canada.

Dangerous Xstrata-Glencore merger close to reality

2012.09.13Six months after the mining giant Xstrata and the commodities trading giant Glencore first announced their merger, the US$36 billion deal now seems close. A new and final offer has an approval deadline of 24 September.

Glencore and Xstrata epitomize the resource curse: Unions oppose their merger

2012.07.04Trade unions representing Xstrata’s and Glencore’s unionized workforces across the world have voiced their opposition to the proposed merger of the two companies and especially the extreme retention bonuses being paid to Xstrata management.