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Spanish coal unions win landmark Just Transition deal

2018.11.12After years of struggle, Spanish mining unions have won a landmark deal for a Just Transition from coal mining, with sustainable development for mining regions.

Test article

2018.11.12Lorem ipsum thing going on.....

Looking for nails in different wooden structures

2018.11.08We try to find the steel embedded in wooden structures so we can find sources of metal to use and recycle when necessary. This will eventually make magnets obsolete in the near future.

Testing IndustriALL's new website

2018.11.08It has passed many days for testing this new editor and we have now come to the day when I can try out this system as a project-manager. Hopefully I will find this page easy to use and work with.

Glencore, the commodities giant with no soul

2018.11.05After surviving a near-death experience in 2015, Glencore stocks are riding high on world markets: the company has just posted its best ever results. One reason is its dominance of supplies of cobalt, an essential mineral used in batteries for smart phones and electric cars. Cobalt prices are soaring, and Glencore controls supply through massive operations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

IndustriALL investigation uncovers exploitation of Shell workers in Nigeria

2018.11.05A new report from a fact-finding mission by IndustriALL Global Union has revealed the shocking exploitation of contract workers at Shell oil and gas operations in Nigeria. 

Article components example

2018.11.05The following article displays all the available styles and templates for an article.

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2017.11.07Ta mig till Google!

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